What does datasquasher cost?

datasquasher is currently free. At some point we will introduce a small monthly subscription. We think this will be affordable and small enough to be justified by the benefit you get from datasquasher. Nothing will happen without us letting you know first.

How much data can I save with datasquasher?

It depends! Data savings of up to 90% are achievable. However, the amount of data you save is determined by a combination of:

  1. The data saving settings you choose within the datasquasher app,
  2. The type of data you are using and
  3. How well the data has been optimised for viewing on mobile devices.

See www.datasquasher.com/online_demo to try it for yourself.

Will you sell my personal data?

No. That is not our business model. We will not sell your personal data; tell others of your browsing habits or apps used. See www.datasquasher.com/security-and-privacy for more information about our privacy policy.

How does datasquasher work?

When you sign up for the datasquasher service you will be asked to install the App (the personal control panel) and a "profile" on your device. This "profile" will then direct your mobile network data through our compression servers. See our web page www.datasquasher.com/how-it-works for more information.

Does datasquasher work on voice and SMS?

No. We work on internet based data over the mobile cellular network (e.g. Text, images and video data on the Web, Apps and email).

Can datasquasher Control, Compress and Track all of my data?

datasquasher is designed to work on the mobile cellular networks. This means datasquasher's settings and tracking is suspended when you are connected to wifi.

It is not possible to track email data if the "POP3" / "IMAP" email method is used on iOS. You can use the "Exchange" method to ensure email data usage is tracked. It is also not possible to compress or track data used on a "Personal Hotspot" or "Tethered PC". Apple FaceTime is also currently not recorded.

I don't recognise some of the data I appear to be using?

Many websites often pull in data from other website domains, so a single page view may include multiple sources. Also, your phone does a lot of "polling" (exchanging of data) with apps and other data services, e.g., apple.com and iCloud.com. This happens in the background without you doing anything. datasquasher's data usage reports will track this and give you an idea on how much data this uses.

What devices does datasquasher work on?

datasquasher works on Apple's iPhone (3, 4, 4S and 5) and all iPad's with a mobile cellular network connection. This applies to all operating systems from iOS 4 to 6.

Does datasquasher work on sent, received or both types of data?

Both types of data are tracked by datasquasher. Data compression applies to received data only.

Does datasquasher work when I am roaming (out of the country)?

Yes. Datasquasher is the ideal data saving and tracking tool when you are roaming, compressing your mobile network data where ever you are.

Do I have to do anything to get datasquasher to work?

No. datasquasher is designed to help reduce your mobile data usage without having to change the way you use your device. Once installed on your device the datasquasher App and the profile (which redirects your mobile data traffic through our data compression servers), will work for you in the background. Use your phone or tablet as normal. Open up the datasquasher app if you want to check your estimated data usage or change your settings.

Can I use two data compression services at the same time?

No. Your device will only allow one service to operate at a time. You will need to uninstall the "Profile" of the other service before installing datasquasher (see below to find out how).

I am using another data compression service. How do I uninstall this and ensure I have replaced this with datasquasher?

This can be done as follows: -

  1. Delete the App on the home screen, and then
  2. Remove the "profile". Go to "Settings", then "General" and then swipe down to "Profiles" at the bottom of the menu. Click to open and then press "Remove".
  3. When this is done you can install the datasquasher app and profile.

If I wanted to uninstall datasquasher, how is this done?

This can be done in the same way as the above: -

  1. Delete the App on the home screen, and then
  2. Remove the "profile". To remove the profile, go to "Settings", the "General" and then swipe down to "Profiles" at the bottom of the menu. Click to open and then press "Remove"

How do I get in contact with you about datasquasher?

If you have any questions or comments let us know. Send us an email to support@datasquasher.com or use our support forum at http://support.datasquasher.com.