how datasquasher works

Sign-up for datasquasher and you will be able to download the "Personal Control Panel" App onto your Smartphone or Tablet. The App will then automatically configure your device to send your mobile data through our "datasquasher cloud compression servers"

the datasquasher personal control panel

When you are on your mobile network, we will automatically compress your web browsing and app text content.

From your control screen you can then choose:

  • 1Five different levels of image quality on pictures and maps. Set your desired image resolution from High (original) through to Low (using the least data)
  • 2Switch on / off heavy data usage images altogether
  • 3Switch on / off data hungry Video & Audio or streaming altogether
  • 4Block unwanted advertising from web or apps
  • 5Give yourself some extra protection from phishing websites and block access to malicious content

The datasquasher cloud compression servers

Without datasquasher

When you use your phone or tablet to access mobile web or app data, your request for data is sent over your provider’s cell tower network, through their data centre and onto the web. The text, image or video / streaming data returns over the same route. The quality of your mobile data is controlled by your operator.

With datasquasher

You control the quality (and compression) of your mobile data.

Datasquasher allows you to compress, control and report the mobile data on your phone or tablet.

When you download the datasquasher app onto your phone or tablet, datasquasher will send all your mobile data through our secure datasquasher compression servers before it gets sent over the mobile network. As datasquasher compresses text and images and blocks unwanted content this reduces your data usage and increases download speeds. The only stuff we don’t touch is secure content – e.g. your banking web site or your emails where a security certificate protects your privacy.

Your datasquasher settings are automatically suspended if you are on wifi, but return instantly when you are connected to your provider’s mobile network.