why use datasquasher?

Save money, save battery and speed up your browsing

Smartphones, tablets, content rich Websites, Apps and Services together with the introduction of 4G networks are all helping to increase our mobile data usage.

Mobile data has become a significant personal and corporate expense. These costs increase dramatically when you are travelling (through roaming charges) or when your monthly mobile data usage exceeds your data allowance.

While battery life problems or a slow internet connection give you even more reasons to use datasquasher.

what is datasquasher?

datasquasher can help reduce your mobile data usage without you having to change the way you use your device.

datasquasher is a mobile data service that allows you to compress, control and report the mobile data on your phone or tablet. With datasquasher, you are in control of which content you want to compress or block and you get data usage reporting to help track how much and where you are using data.

benefits of datasquasher

  • Use up to 90% less data, saves you money and extends your data plan
  • Gives you faster internet
  • Extends your battery life and keeps you connected for longer
  • Helps you develop data saving habits with detailed reports
  • Stop data hungry ads eating your data allowance
  • Block malicious websites and keeps you secure

what will datasquasher cost me?

The datasquasher service is free for the time being.

We plan to add some exciting extra features in the near future. We will then introduce a small monthly subscription; but we think this will be low enough to make it worthwhile for you to continue to get the benefits you want from datasquasher. We will let you know how much and when before we do anything.